What to pack for Egypt


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Travelling in Egypt can be busy and hectic, so you need to make sure you have the right clothes and gear with you. Knowing what to pack for Egypt doesn’t need to be stressful, this guide is here to help you!

Weather in Egypt

The weather does vary slightly across the year. The best time to visit Egypt is April to May or September to October. The weather is warm, but not totally unbearable. In June to August the temperatures can reach extreme heights, so not ideal for temple viewing! There are also risks of high winds at this time of year. November to March is the coolest time of the year to visit.

Etiquette in Egypt

As a non muslim women in Egypt, it is not necessary to cover your head. The only exception to this, is if you are visiting a mosque. In this scenario, a simple scarf over the head will do. Often you are even provided with a garment to cover up with.  However, this is a conservative, Muslim country so it is recommended to dress modestly wherever you go. It would be advisable to always have your shoulders covered and wear below the knee clothes. Pool side aside.

This below list will tick off exactly what you need to pack for Egypt.

What to pack for Egypt: Clothes

2-3 x long dresses or jumpsuits – interchangeable for day or night. These can be worn when visiting temples or sites, and then out for dinner

2 x Baggy lightweight trousers – ideal for both day time and also when travelling on travels or coaches

3 x Basic t-shirts  – Every day items. There isn’t always easy washing facilities available, so good to have a couple of spares.

2 x longer sleeved loose top / blouse – perfect for staying cool

1 x pair of shorts – for being beside the pool!

1 x swimsuit – Yes even in Egypt! A one piece is preferable over a bikini.

1 x scarf – so handy for when you are visiting a mosque, or if you need to cover up a bit more. A lighter scarf is much more useful than a heavy winter one.

Sunglasses – the sun is bright in Egypt!

Hat – any type of hat will do, just make sure you keep the sun off your head!

1 x cardigan – the evenings and first thing are cooler, so you will be grateful for this. Also useful for mosque visits. And if you are taking a train or plane during your trip, you will be grateful for this.

1 x jumper – if you are planning on taking a trip down the Nile on a felucca this is a must. It is chilly in the morning and evenings. And if you are planning on sleeping over on the boat, you will be very grateful for this!


What to pack for Egypt: Shoes

1 x Sandals – Birkenstocks or the like are perfect for this. Comfortable to wander around temples in all day, but easy to slip on and off.

1 x trainers – handy for the slightly more difficult and adventurous or days

1 x flip flops – because they are always useful when travelling. For poolside, for being around hotels and so on.

What to pack for Egypt: Toiletries

Oral Care –  your regular brands of toothpaste and toothbrushes might be more expensive to buy in Egypt, so useful to bring with you.

Shampoo and Conditioner – again they are more expensive to buy when in Egypt. I use shampoo and conditioner bars to reduce my plastic waste. In addition to this it saves space in the bag and reduces any chance of spilling!

Looking for ways to reduce your waste? Take a look here!

Hand Sanitiser – an essential! Just generally useful for, well, sanitising. A lot of the loos won’t have running water and soap.

Loo roll – not something that is used in Egypt! So make sure you bring your own, so you are not without.

Razor – can easily be bought in convenience stores if your forget your own.

Suncream – the sun in Egypt is very hot! No surprised there. So make sure you have a good stock of suncream. It is handy to have a smaller one to carry around in your bag in case you start to burn.

What to pack for Egypt: First Aid

Anti – diarrhoea – when you need these, you need these! As lovely as it is, there is a high chance you will have an upset stomach in Egypt. As much as there is be said about letting it all getup of your system, sometimes on a travel day this just isn’t a solution! Enter the immodium!

Rehydration sachets –  out in the sun all day, and maybe with an upset stomach, can you leave you really dehydrated. Rehydration sachets are perfect for replacing those lost electrolytes.

Plus the usual painkillers, aftersun and a travel first aid kit.

Finally don’t forget the travel essentials – this post is a must take!

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Binish Pirwani July 18, 2019 - 2:25 am

This is so helpful – thank you for sharing!!

x B

addictedtotravel25 July 20, 2019 - 11:31 am

Totally agree with this list, especially the respectful clothing. I do get quite annoyed when I see people not respecting other people’s religions and cultures and actually with how hot it was having floaty light clothing that covered you up was definitely the best option in Egypt.


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