Okavango Delta flight – see the stunning Delta from above

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The Okavango Delta is a place that should be on any African lover’s bucket list. The meandering waterways form the largest inland delta in the world, with the origin being from the Angolan highlands. The water sinks into the dry sands of the Kalahari Desert, creating a lush and waterlogged oasis. It is one of the seven wonders of the natural world and is well deserving of this place. Having the opportunity to spend some time in this part of the world, is a true privilege. But seeing it from the air during an Okavango Delta flight elevates this experience even further.

From a small aircraft, the real grandeur of the Delta is on display. From the air, you can see the vastness of this wonderful landscape. The incredible flat landscape and the expanse come into its own and stretches for as far as the eye can see. The channels form islands, and the true awe-inspiring nature of this landscape truly comes to light from an Okavango Delta flight.

Why take an Okavango Delta flight

For the reasons above! No other experience will truly show you how spectacular this feat of nature is. If you have not booked the type of trip to the Okavango Delta that involves a flight out to your camp, then it is worth booking an Okavango Delta flight as an additional activity, either before or after spending a night in the Delta.

I visited Botswana as part of an 18-30-something tour with G Adventures, Southern Africa Encompassed: Bush Camps and Wildlife Spotting.

Find out more about G Adventures tours in this post: Overlanding in Africa with G Adventures

What you will see from an Okavango Delta flight

Not only will you see the stunning beauty of the Delta, but you will also spot plenty of animals from above. It is not the same close-up experience you might find from a safari drive, but seeing these animals wandering peacefully through their landscape is a wondrous experience. Placing them in the context of the environment shows how privileged we are to see them in the wild.

Once you have seen the Delta from the air you are going to want to get up close and personal. The next amazing experience to tick off is to go camping in the Okavango Delta.

What to expect on an Okavango Delta flight

As you would expect, these are light aircraft. Some have only 4 seats, others can be up to 12. We were lucky on our flight, there were few enough of us that we were all able to have a window seat.

As these planes are so small, you feel the movement a lot more. It is good to be aware of this if you suffer from travel sickness. I don’t in planes, but could feel it in this plane. So make sure to take travel sickness pills and bring bracelets with you if you suffer. The planes are loud, so you are only able to talk by raising your voice above the engine. The windows are small, but you can see everything from them.

What you need to take

You depart from Maun International Airport, so you will need your passport. Also bring some water, and travel sickness accruement if you need it!

Depending on the time of year you are visiting Botswana, it might be cooler, particularly in the morning and evenings. But the planes are small so they can heat up. Make sure to wear layers so you can adjust accordingly.

Finally, of course, bring your camera! You are not going to want to stop snapping beautiful pictures. Binoculars are also a good idea. However, I did find that using them with the movement of the plane increased the feeling of travel sickness.

Where to get the flight from

As mentioned, Okavango Delta flights depart from Maun International Airport, which is located towards the north of the city. You need to arrive at least an hour before your scheduled depart time and check in at the office. I flew with Safari Air and pre-booked, which is almost essential. They are an operating part of their sister company Desert and Delta Safaris. You will be issued with your boarding pass and then head to the main terminal.

As with any other flight, you then go through security, bags get scanned and you walk through a scanner. Then wait in the departure lounge. Finally, you walk across the tarmac to board your plane, ready for the most incredible experience.

Is seeing the Okavango Delta on your bucket list? If not, is it now? I’d love to hear from you: wherecharliewanders@gmail.com

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