2021 Round up! Turning a year around

by Charlie - Where Charlie Wanders
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It feels odd to be writing a 2021 round up, especially as it is a little late in coming. But I was chatting to some lovely people on Twitter and they mentioned how much they enjoyed these. I know they don’t do much for SEO, but I enjoy writing them. I enjoy the reflecting. And I think particularly after the last couple of years it is good to focus on the positive experiences we have had over the past year. Plus, it then remains for prosperity. As well as my need to continue these things.

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As you can see, it wouldn’t sit right with me if a 2021 round up didn’t have a space! So without further a do, my 2021 round up of travel!

January – March. 2021 Round up

Everyone in the UK will know how we spent these dark winter months. In lockdown. Bizarrely, I actually found this the easiest lockdown as I really threw myself into a routine. I spent a lot of time walking and exploring Norwich and the wider area. It snowed which was incredibly exciting. Spring arrived and was beautiful. And at the end of March, we were finally allowed to drive for day trips.

So in the closing days of March, I did a little bit more Church ruins hunting. I even crossed the border into Suffolk, and visited Framlingham Castle for the first time. Plus a long overdue to the coast.

April – 2021 Round up

I made it back to London to see my family! It was so lovely to see them after all those months. I didn’t venture any futher than Hampstead Heath, but it was a welcome change.

I then came back to Norfolk to fall in love with Norwich in the spring a bit more.

May – 2021 Round up

May followed a very similar pattern to April. Norwich and Norfolk were still looking splendid in spring sunshine.

I then headed back to London. This time I also added in a day trip to Windsor and Eton. It had been an awfully long time since I last visited, and it was so lovely to be wandering somewhere new. Spent some time exploring and then walked part of the Windsor Long Mile.


For the final May bank holiday of the month, I headed off for my first glamping trip of the year. Just over the border to Cambridgeshre, for my friends hen party. We went to Horsley Hale Farm, and it was the best weekend. The sun shone, and we were staying in the fanciest of tents. I highly recommend for a fun weekend away with friends.

June – 2021 Round up

Peak District

I took my first annual leave of the year in June! I remember at the beginning of the year, booking this weekend off and contemplating holding our for a trip to Europe. But as it got closer, I decided to take the risk out and booked 4 days in the Peak District with a friend. Oh how glad I am that I did!

I had never been to the Peak District before, and I have clearly been missing out. It was a fabulous four days of very long hikes, pubs, adorable towns and a visit to Chatsworth. An absolutely beautiful part of the country and I cannot wait to return to visit again!


Towards the end of the month I had a lovely weekend visiting my friend and her family, who live in the Cotswolds. It was fantastic to be back, and see more of those adorable quintessential Cotswolds villages.

July – 2021 Round up


The month started with a fantastic work trip to Devon. We all went glamping and took part in lots of outdoor activies. It was so lovely to see my colleagues again after all this time, and to relax. The weather was even kind to us!

North Norfolk

I went straight from Devon to a few days of annual leave, for our yearly family trip to North Norfolk. Those who have followed me on Instagram for a while will know how much I love this part of my home county, and how much I love those few days off spent up there. The weather wasn’t the best, but the walks and fresh air was just phenomenal.

Norfolk Coastal Villages you Need to Visit


After a mad scramble to get my second vaccine so that I wouldn’t have to quarantine, I managed to make it on my first flight of the year to Spain! I headed back to Menorca, my second home, for the first time in two years. I cannot tell you how good it felt. I actually cried when the plane took off!

I was out there for two and a half weeks, some annual leave mixed with a few days of working while on the island.

There was a lot of pool time, tapas, beaches, sundowners, meals, walks, runs, swimming and I even tried padel tennis for the first time. It was incredible to be back, but also to finally have left the UK. Nothing has felt so familiar and so adventurous at the same time.

Why visit Menorca, gem of the Balearic Islands


I spent the first 11 days of the month still in Menorca, some days relaxing and some days working. I was so sad to leave.

But I flew home and didn’t have too long to be sad, as I went straight back to the Cotswolds again. For another friends hen do. A lovely weekend of walks, Soho Farmhouse, Daylesford farm and too many shots.


September say my second trip abroad of the year, back to Reykjavik to spend a long weekend with my best friend and her family. They live out there, and I hadn’t seen them since December 2019, so it was just the best feeling to be reunited.

I had a lovely day wandering around the city, and also got to visit the newly opened Sky Lagoon. I absolutely love Iceland, and already can’t wait to return and see more of the country.

Golden Circle Tour, Iceland


This was the month of my ‘big’ trip of 2021. 8 days exploring the Baltics! We were meant to be visiting Tallin, Estonia, Riga, Latvia and Vilnius, Lithuania. However the day before we were due to fly Latvia went into lockdown. So last minute changes, meant cutting Riga out and heading to Helsinki in the middle instead!

Arriving into a brand new country, adding someone new to my Been App, and exploring somewhere for the first again. I felt like myself again. We had 8 days in the three countries – 2 nights in Tallinn, 2 nights in Helsinki and 4 nights in Vilnius. I loved having to pack and unpack my back pack and move to different cities. It felt like travelling!

All three cities were interesting, and excellent city breaks. I would highly recommend each one.

If you are interested in Helsinki, this is the post for you: 9 Marvellous things to do in Helsinki, Finland


For my final trip of the year, I headed to Palma for my second Traverse travel conference. I had never been to Palma, or Mallorca before, so it was fantastic to have the chance to visit a second Balearic island. The best bit about this trip? Seeing all the lovely people from the travel community for the first time in two years. As well as the day trip to Pollenca, and exploring some of Palma. Oh, and of course, the tapas!


I did have flights booked to Morocco for New Year, but thanks to the lovely new vari*nt – these were cancelled. So, after the second half of the year really felt like we had turned a corner. I found December to be frustrating, and a difficult month.

Still, I managed to stick to all my Christmas plans. Spent some time in London and closed the year out with the best of friends in Norwich.

2021 Round up!

The year started slowly, obviously. But the second half of the year, I managed to take 9 flights. Visit 5 countries, and 4 brand new cities.

Here is to 2022!

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