2017 round up – a year of travel

by Charlie - Where Charlie Wanders
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Trying to travel in between a full time job is never the easiest, but I have had such a great year. I visited two new, amazing, countries and re-visited some of my favourites as well.

I’m writing this 2017 round up just before the year ends, because I will be away when 2017 ends!

Skiing in Italy and Switzerland

To start of my 2017 round up – My travels of the year started off in much the same way it does every year. With a ski holiday in February. I go every year, at least once, and the itching feeling of needing to go starts as soon as it starts to get colder and intensifies the second Christmas is over.

This year I headed to the Italian resort of Cervinia with the family. It joins with Zermatt, under the shadow of the Matterhorn.  I have never, in memory, skied here before and it is always exciting to try somewhere new. Plus, because the ski area spans both Italy and Switzerland, it meant I visited two countries. My favourite areas – 3 valleys and the Espace Killy, are two of the largest in the alps, so they are going to be hard to top however.

But for me, skiing is always the best way to beat the January blues – having that holiday to look forward to, I haven’t missed a year yet!


Next up on the 2017 round up. In March I had a weekend break to Stockholm and Sweden was a new country (number 34!) for me. It was insanely easy, we caught a flight after work on the Friday night and a late flight back on the Sunday night. Great amount of time in the city, and no annual leave needed.  Perfect.

It was the best weekend, with some weird food, a little bit of sightseeing, obligatory meatballs and of course the ABBA museum! I will blog about this weekend soon.


I changed jobs in June, and decided to take a week off between for a little R&R. I headed off to my family’s house in Menorca for six days in the sun with family and friends. I have spent quite a bit of time on this little island over the past three years and it is the perfect summer escape. Menorca will of course feature in a 2017 round up and I am sure in many more round up’s to come.

My best friend and I have been on holiday together once a year for the last six years and despite some changes we were determined for this year to be no different, so her and her partner came and joined us for a few days.

Think lilos in pool (and a floating flamingo gin holder I named Perky), beers on the beach at sunset, long late breakfasts, tapas in local towns for dinner – as I say, perfect!


In my 2017 round this has to be a highlight. With August came the arrival of somewhere I had always wanted to visit, it practically inspired my bucket list. Mongolia  – my 35th country.

What a place. I have written quite a few posts about this fabulous country and I think I could quite honestly go on forever. I absolutely loved it. Having no phone for two weeks, sleeping in ger’s, driving for hours, the wildlife. It was simply perfect. If you are thinking about heading to Mongolia have a look at some of posts.

When people ask me which has been my favourite place I travelled to Mongolia is now always my answer. Mainly because of sleeping in gers and being luckily enough to met this amazing family.


I then headed off for a long weekend in November to Iceland to see my best friend who lives there. It was very chilled, but we had a lovely afternoon in Reykjavik (with the most delicious salted caramel ice cream) and I walked on my first frozen lake! I love winter and snow and was ridiculously excited at how beautiful Iceland looked in the winter.

Find out what Iceland means to me here.

And to round of this year – I’m heading to New York just after Christmas to close out 2017.

So two new countries visited this year, bringing my current running total to 35. But 2017 was also about spending time in some of my favourites places which is always so worth it. 2017 – you have been an absolutely wonderful year. Roll on the next!

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