Made it to Guatemala

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NUMBER 30!!!

Very exciting news. I did it, I reached 30 before 30! Three weeks ago I landed in Guatemala City and got that very exciting stamp in my passport. Nothing thrills me more than getting through immigration, getting the ink in my passport and adding the country to my Been app.

Despite having been travelling for nearly 24 hours, running¬†through Houston airport and arriving at nearly midnight I was so excited; I couldn’t stop the beaming smile from spreading across my face. I couldn’t believe that under three years after setting myself my goal I had achieved it! 12 countries, in that time.

Stepping through the airport exit always fills me with a myriad of feelings. Firstly, and don’t think me weird with this, I love the smells of foreign countries. As soon as I get this whiff the excitement courses through me. Secondly, particularly in a new country, is the stress of the next step. Even if there is a transfer booked, I am always a little nervous about a) whether it will turn up and b) if I trust it. If no transfer booked, hoping that I can trust the local taxi service. I would suggest always doing a bit of research about what to expect. Whether the local cabbies can be trusted, and also how much you should expect to pay.

For this trip I had decided to book myself a transfer for ease. He was there with my name and I was on my way into my 30th Country. Read about my adventures in Antigua here.

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