How to entertain yourself in T2

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So the trip has got off to a good start. Arrive at Heathrow and our flight is cancelled. Super. The helpful people at United airlines info desk booked us onto a later flight and we should still make our connecting flight, 6 hours later. But while I sit waiting, I thought I would share some tips on how to entertain oneself in terminal 2.

Firstly delayed/ cancelled flights come with a food voucher. Check that this has been issued in pounds and not dollars, otherwise you have to take a trip to the info desk to change. At least this wastes a bit more time.

Take a while to decide the pros and cons of each restaurant. And then take a while to decide what to eat from the menu. Best decision is to order a lot of stuff. Take time to eat everything. Alcohol always helps. Eat slowly and chat to companion. Annoyingly, having done all of the above we find this has only wasted 45 minutes.

Next set yourself a task. My companion decided she required a neck pillow. Excellent. We spent some time assessing pros and cons of all the pillows in Boots, Case, John Lewis, Dixons, WHSmiths and Duty Free weighing up elements such as cost, style, filling and solidity. Deciding eventually Case held the winner. With detachable and repositionable arms and a flat back it beat all others.

Next step is to spend time in Duty Free. Jo Malone is a bit stressful as the lady shadows you with no sense of trust. However the man giving out vodka samples and the lady with the Lindt truffles were definite highlights.

When all else fails download videos on trusty iPad and write blog posts

See you in Guatemala I hope!

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