El Fenn Hotel Review, Marrakech

by Charlie - Where Charlie Wanders
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The key to any good trip, is getting the right accommodation. When I visited Marrakech, El Fenn provided just that. So I wanted to write a review on El Fenn to describe exactly why it is the perfect stay  in Marrakech.

It is not a cheap or budget stay, just to warn, but it is worth it for any special occasion.

Image of entrance of El Fenn


When exploring Marrakech, getting the right location for your riad is essential. One of the things I immediately noticed when researching this trip is that a lot of the larger, well know, hotels are located outside of the city. I actually saw them, near the airport, when driving in towards El Fenn. While they do offer shuttles into the Medina, it means you are committed for the day.

Image of light in El Fenn

El Fenn however, is located just on the outskirts of the Medina. This was perfect as it meant we could wander in and out exactly as we liked. We would spend the morning with some haggling and seeing the sights, then coming back to drop our wares off before wandering back in for some lunch. Then back for  afternoon tea. It basically offered all the flexibility on how to spend your day you could ever want.


Our transfer dropped us at the edge of the Medina. No cars are allowed inside, so we had to walk to El Fenn. However, it was only a 30 second walk from where we were dropped, down a rather unsuspecting side alley. It did look a little dubious, and we were unsure we had the right location. But subtly is key with El Fenn.

The door was marked by a small plaque and nothing more. We knocked, the door was opened and we arrived into the beautiful interior. We were shown into the beautiful central courtyard and greeting with traditional Moroccan mint tea.

Image of drinking mint tea on arrival to El Fenn

The central fountain was bubbly away, there was a fire roaring in the reception and the resident tortoises were ambling around. I immediately felt this was a place of tranquility.

Image of tortoise in El Fenn

The Courtyards in El Fenn

Probably my favourite thing about El Fenn, was the many places to relax. As the hotel is made up of interlinking riads, there are plenty of hidden corners. But the courtyards were the best place for me. Each one had somewhere to sit, relax or simply lie in a hammock.

Image of interior of El Fenn

Its actually hard to do justice to just how much I enjoyed those moments,buy lying in a peaceful hammock with the sounds of bird noises and call to pray as the only thing disrupting the moment is a memory I will cherish for ever.

Image of relaxing in a hammock in El Fenn

Image of courtyard of El Fenn


El Fenn has a no key policy, which seemed a little strange at first. But actually I loved it. It feel so free and trusting. There really was no issue.

Image of room in El Fenn

Each of the rooms are beautifully and individually decorated They are spacious, with huge beds and enormous bath rooms. We actually ended up staying in two, due to a mix up with the beds. Plus I got a peak into a third. So I can safely say they are all beautiful, as well as each being individual.

Image of room in El Fenn


El Fenn is privy to an absolutely fabulous rooftop. Not only does it have a pool, there are also many seating areas. As there are only a few rooms in the riad, it never felt crowded and there was always somewhere to curl up and relax.

Image of Where Charlie Wanders on rooftop of El Fenn

The cocktails the bar serves are so delectable,and it was the perfect way to start an evening before dinner.

image of El Fenn rooftop

But what really makes this rooftop special are the views. These are something else – overlooking the Medina and the famous Koutoubia Mosque. Coming up for sunset is the best time, to watch the city turn as the light fades.

Breakfast is also served from this rooftop, and I can attest to it being a breakfast worth having!

The little extras

As I mentioned before, one of the best things about El Fenn was the hidden corners. Around each twist, staircase and corner is another beautiful piece of art or architecture.

Image of corridor in El Fenn

There is a library if you are in need of a book. Hammocks to relax in. Not one, not two, but three pools for a much needed cool off. This is very rare in a Riad in the Medina, as hardly any of them even have one pool.

Image of pool in El Fenn

One afternoon I also indulged in a very relaxing massage in the spa – which is a definite must.

Each afternoon they serve afternoon tea in the courtyard. Gorgeous little cakes, including a white chocolate one I fell in love with. As well as the mint tea which I came to more than adore.

Image of afternoon tea in El Fenn

Why stay at El Fenn?

When I visit somewhere, I usually think of my accommodation at somewhere to sleep at night and not much more. El Fenn was  anything but that. It was almost a destination in itself. I didn’t want to leave. Yet it also made exploring the heart of Marrakech so easy. Often the souks can be overwhelming, so being able to dip in and out was perfect.

But I think most of all, it was the attention to detail and the little quirks. It is so clear everything in the hotel had been chosen out of love and because of the beauty of the item.

El Fenn is a place like no other – go and stay. Now.

If you are interested in booking El Fenn – click here to go to booking.com


Is there somewhere you have stayed that was so special to you? Let me know!

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