Day Trip to Embalse el Yeso with BellaBike


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When I started exploring what to do in Chile, I immediately knew I needed to get out of Santiago and visit the beautiful mountain range of the Andes. It was time to find out what the longest range of mountains in the world had to offer.I decided I wanted to visit Embalse el Yeso, which is an emerald green glacier lake surrounded by the peaks of the Andes – sounds pretty perfect!

image of views of Embalse El Yeso

For me, the best way to visit, was a day tour from Santiago. The amazing guys at Bella Bike booked me on to their Cajón del Maipo – Embalse El Yeso tour. They do amazing tours in and around Santiago, as well as Bike tours, so make sure you check out all they have to offer!

Day trip to Embalse el Yeso

The night before BellaBike messaged me to confirm my pick up time, their communication is amazing and really puts your mind at ease!

Best of all, they pick you up at your accommodation so no need to get anywhere really early in the morning. I was the first to be picked up at 6.25am. We then had a bit of a tour around Santiago before we headed out the mountains.

image of view point in the Andes

Our driver, Juan, was very friendly and drove us safely around the windy roads. Carlos, our guide, was busy explaining to us how the day was going to plan out.

First stop was for a quick bite to eat and a toilet break – Carlos warned us there wouldn’t be any more facilities for a while!

Journey to Embalse el Yeso

As we continued on the journey the roads got narrower and narrower, more windy and deeper in to the mountain. The further we got, the higher the peaks became.

The road itself was fairly busy. Both with tourists who were either on tours in buses or had hired a car. As well as this, there are lots of trucks going to the Mine, which is located further along the road beyond the Embalse el Yeso.

There were some definite hair raising moments, when trying to pass other vehicles. I cannot believe how close the edge of the lake we were at times. Juan had skills!

image of the road into Embalse El Yeso

Time at the lake

We had just over an hour and a half to walk around the beautiful, beautiful glacial lake. The Embalse el Yeso is the most beautiful backdrop for photos. The surrounding Andes Mountains contrasting with the glittering water of the lake quite literally look my breath away.

image of Where Charlie Wanders in Embalse El Yeso

It was so lovely to take the time to soak in the views. We walked down the waters edge to get up and close to the lake. I even filled my Lifestraw bottle with the clear water!

We then met back up the group, and Juan and Carlos set up the picnic! It was more like snacks, so would definitely recommend taking your own food as well. However, it was absolutely delicious. And the best bit? The amazing Chilean Wine we had to wash it down. It tasted even better with the beautiful backdrop behind it.

image of lunch in Embalse El Yeso

We left after an amazing time at the lake, and stopped for one last photo.

San Jose de Maipo

On our way back to Santiago we stopped at the gorgeous little town of San Jose. The town was built as a place for the people who worked in the mines to live, and it is so picturesque.

image of san jose el maipo

We stopped to grab some Empanadas from a little truck just off the main town square. I had an jamon and queso one, and it was the most delicious thing!

image of empanadas

We wandered around the town square, munching our empanadas and being followed by all the town stray dogs. It was the perfect end to the day!

It was such a fantastic day trip and I am so pleased I got to spend time in the Andes. If you are in Santiago, I would highly highly recommend taking the time to get out and see it for yourself.

Blogger transparency: My tour was offered to me by BellaBike with compliments. But, as always, my thoughts and opinions are my own! 

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Courtney Minor March 18, 2019 - 12:29 pm

Looks like a beautiful day trip. What a stunning landscape!

Charlie - Where Charlie Wanders March 19, 2019 - 7:15 am

It was such a good day!

Kerry LifeandLoves March 18, 2019 - 4:29 pm

Ohhh Charlie I literally would have had a heart attack how close you were to the edge. I felt my tummy flip just looking at the photo! Looks like the journey was worth it though, looks beautiful xx

Charlie - Where Charlie Wanders March 19, 2019 - 7:14 am

Haha then I definitely won’t show you the video!! It was absolutely stunning. I wish my photos could do it justice


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