What to pack for a ski trip

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Skiing is an absolute obsession of mine, and no winter would be complete with a trip to the mountains. I have been skiing ever year since I was 4 (before I was old enough to ski I was in the resort creche). So I have spent a fair amount of time in the mountains, I am used to the lifestyle and I pack for a ski trip frequently! With my next ski break imminent (yay for that!) I am going to help you out with this post on what to pack for a ski trip!

Ski Wear

A lot of these items I have accumulated over time, so I have built up the perfect outfit. They all live in a special ski bag in my cupboard, ready to pull out when I am ready to pack for a ski trip.

Ski Jacket – Definitely do not scrimp here. The weather in the mountains can be vicious, and you will feel it with an inadequate jacket. I bought my ski jacket, I think around 7 or 8 years ago. So it shows how investing in good quality will also last you. Mine is very similar to this one (link here), although mine is a very fetching purple colour. No one gonna lose me on the slopes. One key thing is a little pocket on the left sleeve for your lift pass. Can’t stress how important this is!

Ski Pants – Again no scrimping! Whether you end up on your bum deliberating or from falling, you do not want it to soak through! I spent a while searching for the perfect pair to match my jacket. But one of the best bits, are the vent zips in case things get to warm!

Thermals – I am a firm believer of layers when I ski, I always prefer to be too hot than too cold. So my base layers consist of Sweaty Betty thermal top and leggings. Their Ski Shop is fab and I love the patterns! Take a peek here (not an affiliate, I just really enjoy their stuff!)

Other Layers – In  addition to the thermals I also often wear a strap top, t-shirt and hoody (currently my school ski trip hoody circa 2009!). Obviously take a look at the weather and consider the time of year – if you are skiing in April and it is a bluebird (clear blue sky’s) maybe go easier on the layers. But for me I always wear at least my thermal leggings, thermal top and a hoody.

Ski Socks – Invest in a good quality pair to wear under the ski boots. Some people have a pair for every day. I wear them for two days (don’t @ me)

Hat  – Useful for two reasons. Outside lunch stops when you take your helmet off, but it’s still a little chilly. Covers up that atrocious helmet hair as well, win win! Also when it’s a freezing day, I have one I can wear under my helmet.

Ski Gear

Goggles – Boy did I struggle to find the perfect pair. After multiple pairs of goggles steaming up on me and then losing a pair of a friend’s Oakley’s during Aprés, which caused it to be an expensive evening, I finally found my dream pair and they are a bit like this. They are great in flat light, and don’t steam up on me. Definitely a worth while purchase.

Ski Gloves – I have had the same gloves for absolute years now and they have literally fallen apart. So for the past couple of years I have borrowed some Hestra gloves. I adore them and will definitely be investing in some. Cannot put a price on warm fingers. I also always wear a pair of silk glove liners.  Cheap, small and invaluable. Mine also work with my phone, so I can wear them at lunch, use my phone and not get freezing fingers. Winning.

Buffy – This is a very handy little guy. Get yours here! For years I battled with scarves but there was a lot of extra material to try and wrap around my face and then tuck into my jacket. I put my buffy on before my jumper, pull it up as high as I need. Sometimes tucking it under my goggles. Bingo, warm face. Although sometimes on a really freezing, white out day, the buffy freezes with my breath. But really on days like that the only thing to do is retreat for a hot chocolate. It is also very multi functional.

I also know this is not the official name, but my family has always called it so. So it’s staying.

Ski Helmet  – Little bit of controversy here, but I HATE wearing a helmet. However, I do understand the pros and have caved to pressure from ALL of my friends and family and wear one. I would also 100% persuade and recommend others to wear one. So wear one! It is important. My is a purple version of this one.

Sunglasses – Definite must for the lunch time stop. Nothing worse than sitting outside in the sun in skiing googles.

Ski Boots – personal preference here, as you can hire them when you hire skis. But for me, I always take my own. They are fitted to my feet and so as comfortable as ski boots can be.


Suncream / Lip salve – that mountain sun is pretty damn strong. Every single year I burn my nose. Every single year. This is despite wearing factor 50 sun block. So take some up the mountain and reapply. Lip salve for your lips, with an SPF in, because they burn to!

Hand Warmers  – slip them into your pocket, then if you’re really struggling pop on in your glove.

Moisturiser – the ski air is pretty drying, make sure you have moisturiser to hand to prevent your skin from drying out!

What to pack for a ski trip in the chalet

Comfy trousers – when you get back from aprés, before dinner and post shower these will be a godsend to slip on.

Shoes  – I think the tendency when packing shoes is to want to pack Winter boots. You are definitely going to need them if you are going into town, this is particularly true if you are going completely self catered and are going out for dinner every evening. But if you are in a hotel, all inclusive or catered chalet then you are most likely going to be eating in. Pack a pair of ballet pumps or slip on’s for padding about the chalet. Trust me you’ll thank me.

Clothes – As per the above, of course you are going to want some warm clothes, but it can get pretty warm in the chalets and hotels. So pack layers, so that you can strip down to a t-shirt or a dress if things get too warm!

If you are looking for the perfect ski break – take a look at my suggestions here. 

Have you been skiing? What tips would you have for how to pack for a ski trip?

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