Top Sights when Visiting Prague in Spring

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I visited Prague in Spring way back in 2015 and it was definitely the perfect time of year to visit. It was warm and sunny, pleasant to sit outside but such a lovely temperature to walk around in. The city also had lots of lovely Easter touches dotted around, which give it such a spring feel! Here are my tips on a few things to do when visiting Prague in Spring.

While a lot of these locations aren’t specific to things you can only see in Spring, the weather just makes everything so much more lovelier!

Image of wreath in Prague in Spring

Prague in Spring highlight – the Prague Easter Markets

The Easter markets celebrate the arrival of Prague in Spring. They are open everyday in the main squares, and revolve around the dates for Easter.

image of Prague Easter festival

So in 2019 they begin on the 6th April. When I visited I hadn’t planned on going specifically to the markets, but as they are located in the main squares of Wenceslas square and the Old Town square, it was so easy to wander around and enjoy.

They consist of lots of wooden huts, with local handicrafts for sale. Look out for the beautifully painted Easter eggs!

Sit in the sun!

It’s the perfect time of year for this. I love lunches where you can sit outside in the sun, with a glass of wine in hand. We found so many lovely little places to eat by just wandering around. I love this about European cities, they are so good at al fresco eating! A lot of the cafes had sheepskin lined seats and blankets, so it was lovely and cosy.

A great place to go is the Mala Strana area of Prague, which is on the other side of Charles Bridge. It is a little quieter, and also had a much more quaint and traditional feel.

Drink the local beer

Of course this links into the above, but the beer in Prague is a) so cheap and b) rather delicious. I would make it one of your first stops when you arrive in the city. Nothing beats feeling tired from that early morning flight than indulging in a local beer, sitting in a square in the sun.

Prague Castle

I loved Prague Castle. In fact, I wish I had spent more time there and I also wish I had a guide to understand a little more context on the history of the building. It has a history of over a 1000 years old, how incredible is that?

Take a tram up to the castle, there are many stops nearby. Then it is a short walk into the castle’s courtyard. Alternatively you can walk up the hill, I have heard it isn’t a long walk just rather steep!

The ticket includes the Old Royal Palace, St Vitnus Cathedral, St George’s Basilica, the Golden Lane and best of all admission to the tower of the Cathedral – we all know how I love a view!

Make sure you do attempt the many many stairs to the top of the tower, the view from the top is incredible.

The Golden Lane

This part of the castle is a collection of tiny dwellings, which housed defenders of the castle, servants or workers such as Goldsmith’s. You can explore the teeny tiny houses and even see inside some of them.

It was such a fascinating insight and I couldn’t believe the size of these houses that people used to live in! Such an excellent addition to the Castle ticket.

The John Lennon Wall

Initially I thought this was rather random to be located in Prague. However, before the death of John Lennon, this used to be known as the Crying Wall. So it naturally became an outpouring of grief.

It is covered in graffiti, and actually remains the only place in Prague where graffiti is legal. Great to take a wander down, read some the artwork and perfect for that insta snap!

Charles Bridge

How could this not be on a list of things to see in Prague? It is of course, hugely busy during the day. So make sure you head their early if you want to see without the crowds. It is also definitely worth a look at night time when it is all light up.

One of things I actually enjoyed most was simply just walking along and taking a lot at the street traders peddling their wares all the way along the bridge.

As I said, it has been a while since I visited Prague, but it will definitely be somewhere I return to. It was actually the city that ignited my love for European city breaks, and when I realised just how easy it is to get away for a week.

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Have you been to Prague in Spring? Or is there another time of year you would recommend?

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