Those of you have been following my blog for a while, will know it was originally named ‘Reaching 30 before 30’. This was stemmed from my goal of visiting 30 countries before I turned 30 years old.

I was 24 when I set myself this aim and had visited 18 countries. In May 2016 I reached my 30th country, Guatemala, at the age of 27.

Because it turns out reaching 30 before 30 was very achieveable I then set myself the goal of 40 countries before I am 30.

In November 2018, I achieved 40 before 30. So what’s next? 50 before 40 I guess? Although for now, I just want to travel where ever the wind may take me, and wherever I want to wander.

Countries I have visited:

1. UK

The Ultimate Staycation – Norfolk 

Where is began 

Weekend trip to the Cotswolds

Winter Wonderland

St Andrews, Scotland How to spend a morning

2. France – O lala…Français

3. Germany


11 things to do in Berlin

4. Switzerland – Switzerland  – A country of happy memories

5. Spain

Why I love Menorca

Visiting Spain 

What to do in Menorca 

6. Italy

Italia and Vatican City,

Nipping to Italy for a quick ski break 

7. Vatican City – Italia, and Vatican City,

8. Austria – Christmas Markets in Vienna

9. Netherlands – A guide to 48 hours in Amsterdam

10. Denmark – Denmark as a child

11. Greece

12. Turkey

13. Antigua and Barbuda

14. USA 

Across the pond!

A tiny taste of the Big Apple

5 Days in New York.

Food and drink of New York.

15. Canada

16. Ghana – Ghana… a bit of an eye opener

17. Tanzania

The Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania

How to relax in Zanzibar, Tanzania

18. China – My first solo travel – China

19. Vietnam – Vietnam – A 12 day trip

20. Cambodia – Cambodia – Phnom Penh and Siam Reap

21. Thailand – Thailand – Bangkok and Islands

22. Malaysia – Beginners guide to Malaysia

23. Singapore – 5 must see’s in Singapore

24. Indonesia

25. Iceland – Two Weekends in Iceland

26. Japan – Japan Itinerary: a 10 day guide

27. Czech Republic

28. Ireland – Oh The Irish Charm

29. Morocco

Marrakech was a dream.

El Fenn Hotel Review, Marrakech

30. Guatemala – Antigua, Guatemala

31. Honduras

Chilling in Copán Ruinas, Honduras 

Roatán, a more chilled side to the Caribbean

32. Nicaragua

Exploring Granada, Nicaragua

Volcano boarding…Only in Nicaragua!

Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua

33. Costa Rica – The rainforest of Central America

34. Sweden

35. Mongolia

Being a Nomad for a short time

Sleeping in a Ger

Tsenkher Hot Springs

Staying with a Mongolian Nomadic family

Exploring the Gobi Desert in Mongolia

36. Kenya – How to spend a day in Nairobi

37. Uganda

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Jinja, Uganda

38. Rwanda – A day trip into Rwanda 

39. Slovenia

Best things to do in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Day trip to Lake Bled and beyond

40. Belgium – 24 hours in Brussels

Upcoming plans to add to the reaching 30 before 30 ( 40 before 30! 50 before 40!!!)

Poland – Heading to Gdansk in February 2019 for my 41st country!

Egypt – Part of a tour booked for April 2019

Jordan – Second half of my tour booked in April 2019