Winter Wonderland

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I am a BIG lover of winter and snow. I am that person who gets excited by the first flurry of snowflakes and immediately rushes out in my pyjamas to go for a walk.

It’s so peaceful and makes the world so ethereal.

This weekend I had a trip to the Cotswolds planned to see my best friend and head into Oxford for afternoon tea.

Plans slightly went array when waking up on Sunday morning in Morton in Marsh I was greeted with a complete winter wonderland. It hadn’t even started snowing when I went to bed at midnight and now it was inches thick!

In true British style everything went to pot and we were no longer able to get the train into Oxford as it had been cancelled.

So instead we went for a walk in the beautiful and slightly closer Stow on the Wold.

Snow makes everything so perfect – and basically turned England into a Christmas card. I felt so festive wandering around the little town and snow has this affect on people. Plans that had been made had been cancelled and everyone was so happy to just enjoy the moment. Dogs, kids and toboggans were aplenty.

Not many of the tea rooms were open, I think everyone was out enjoying the snow. But we did manage to warm up with a delicious hot chocolate from Huffkins.

I wish I could have stayed for ever! Embrace winter, embrace the snow and enjoy everything it brings!

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