The truth about my travelling inspiration

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Like a lot of people inspired to travel, I have my bucket list, inspired by things I have seen online, lonely planet guides, tv shows, other bloggers and the like. You would think this the inspiration for the trips I decide to take. And it is for the most part.

However, I have a bit of a habit that I’m not sure is healthy… I keep booking flights when I am drunk.

This has now happened to me four times. Four. Don’t get me wrong, its not the blind, don’t remember anything the next day, kind of drunk. It’s more when I am buoyed with the confidence that a glass, or three, of wine gives you and you think you can take on the world. In my case, quite literally.

I even booked my recent trip to Mongolia after a fairly boozy brunch. This one, I feel, was not so bad. My friend and I had talked about it for a long time, and it was quite literally already written down on my bucket list. But we went into the travel agent to talk about options and came out one deposit lighter.

Check out my blog posts on this amazing country here and here and here.

When in Mongolia!

On the first day of the trip, our guide asked the group to say why we had decided on this trip. Didn’t feel it was the best time to be totally honest….

I guess the good thing about this, er…, problem is that I end up going to places I might not have otherwise. With my whole trying to reach 30 before I turn 30 (although this is now reaching 40 before 30), I did become fixated with visiting countries I hadn’t been to before. And while this a good thing, re-visiting well loved places or seeing something new in somewhere you have already been is also a good thing.

I’m now heading back to New York for New Year, thanks to the gins and champagne I had consumed that night. I’ve been to New York twice before – see this post, but it is a city I absolutely love and hey ‘New York is always a good idea’ right?


Actual picture in my flat 

Gin’s that made New York 17/18 happen

Come February I am now going on a long weekend to Copenhagen with some girl friends, yes this was due to the red wine. We celebrated by some wonderful dancing around the living room. I have already been to Denmark, but has I said in my previous post, I do need to go back, so it’s a great thing we are doing this!

I also ended up buying rather expensive flights to Menorca, over half term of all times, for a family holiday after a long dinner with my dad. But I wouldn’t have wanted to miss out right?

Things in Menorca ‘perking’ up 

Aside from this, even some of the trips I don’t book when under the influence have had an air of impulse about them. My trip around Central America was born of itchy feet after a relaxing Christmas break. My friend and I also spent weeks planning a trip to Jordan and Israel, and when we came to booking it became Kenya and Uganda (March next year – SO EXCITED, and also already on the bucket list so it’s all fine). Side note – Jordan and Israel still absolutely has to happen.

Visiting Stockholm earlier this year happened because I booked flights about an hour after the friends suggested the idea to me.

When in Sweden!

Bit of a confessional post, perhaps it’s not the way these things should be booked? Any thoughts about how seriously travelling should be taken?

So, while the spontaneity is great fun and has led to nothing but good things, perhaps someone take the credit card off me next time I crack open the Rosé. My bank balance will thank me for it. On second thoughts, maybe it’s all worth it!

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