Switzerland #8 A country of happy memories

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Heading back down memory lane for a little while with this post. It probably should have featured earlier on in the list, as Switzerland is definitely somewhere I have been a few times, and I can’t remember when I first visited.

Switzerland was is a very fond memory for me as most of our trips there were to visit some very dear friends, who moved there when I was five. We have remained close over all the years, and it was so lovely to visit with the family throughout the years of separation!

I don’t have tons of memories from Switzerland, they most involve a lot of laughing and great times. But I do know it is absolutely beautiful! There was a very lovely walk, which involved me getting my foot stuck in a cattle grid and trips to Geneva. I also remember getting the ferry from the Swiss side of the lake over to the French side. Being as young as I was I found it amazing it was so easy to switch between countries – not something we can ever do in the UK! This trip was slightly marred by my brother pushing me fully clothed into the freezing lake. An injustice I still remember to this day; I never felt he was fully reprimanded! It did involve all of us having a lovely swim in the water afterwards, however  I then had no dry clothes to wear.

I could go on for ages about all the stuff we got up to as children, so many memories of happy times!

One particularly memorable childhood holiday involved a trip to Gruyère. This started with a visit to a chocolate factory. Those of you who know me, will know I have a spectacular weakness for chocolate. At the end of this tour, there was the chance to sample ALL of the chocolate that they made at the factory. This was unlimited and I was unstoppable. I then spent an awful afternoon doubled over in pain, crawling through the town as my parents were insistent on sight seeing while I had the worst stomach ache, ever.

Once of my first tastes of independent travelling was being left with my brother by my father in Geneva station and having to make our way to see our friends in St George alone. Train into Lyon was a dream. However trying to find the bus to St George was a little more challenging that involved very poor broken French! We eventually found a little mini bus and set off up increasingly smaller and deserted roads, until we were the only two left on the bus wondering where the hell we were going. I was very relived to arrive and be safely collected.

Later trips involved heading to bars in the lovely little town of Lyon, and loving that you could order beer at 16! Getting older and nights out in Geneva followed. A great night, where ladies got in for free and had unlimited sparkling! Old school photo of the night below!

There has also been a ski trip to the lovely Verbier , a fabulous ski resort.

A short but sweet blog on this wonderful country, I definitely need to go back and create even more wonderful memories!

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