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Tomorrow is a big day for me. I will have achieved it! Tomorrow I land in my 30th country, Guatemala. I can’t quite believe that just under 3 years after setting my goal, and with 12 countries to go, I will have hit that magic number!

So I’m getting ready for my long haul flight and thought I would share my packing essentials. Practical packs aside – I have a first aid kit with everything I could possibly need, these are the things I need to have with me.

I always take my iPad mini with me. Perfect for uploading all my photos to the cloud to make sure I don’t lose them. As we as watching films on some of the seemingly endless bus journeys.

For me when I go on any big trip my battered copy of Lord of the rings comes with me. It’s the perfect size book, you only need to take one. And it describes such a epic journey of travel and discovery, it always inspires me when I am away. I think a favourite book is something one should always take, giving that bit of escapism comfort.

My lucky charm is my st Christopher charm my mum gave me before I went to Asia. It’s on about its 4th chain but it comes. It makes me feel a bit safer, like I am looked after. And when I feel even a bit homesick, it’s a good reminder of where it came from.

Next I always take a notebook with me, as a travel journal. I am a big fan of writing and documenting my trips when I am away. I try and write every day, reading back always reminds me of the little things that would soon get forgotten. But I think it’s these little things that make a trip extra special.

My final tip is a sleeping bag liner. I have been so grateful for mine on many a sleeper train!

So tomorrow my passport gets its next stamp and I can’t wait! Stay tuned.

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