France – Where it all began

My first real abroad country. I think…

I am not totally sure of the chronological order of my first 17 countries, as many of them occurred during childhood but I feel fairly certain in saying France was the first country I visited, not that I remember. It is definitely the country I have been to most and I do go every year.

I love France, the diversity and the food! Croissants never taste as good as when they are fresh from the local boulangerie.

There have been many trips throughout childhood, I remember trips on the ferry and little Gîtes. One of my earliest holiday memories is my dad strapping me in my baby brothers car seat swinging me around until I felt so dizzy in this tiny holiday cottage, I must have been three at the time.

There have been day school trips to St Omer. Longer trips to Paris, involving a party of 40 of us being marched into a restaurant without a booking and being accepted. Would never happen in London!

More recently there have been family holidays to Paris over Christmas and one year a summer holiday to the Languedoc-Roussillon , near Narbonne. This involved a trip to the fascinating city of Carcassone, a medieval walled city, if you have never been I highly recommend. This holiday also ended up with us spending the evening at a biker rally in the tiny village we were staying in, a pretty unique experience!


And one of the best things about France, in my humble opinion? The Alps! Throughout my whole life I have visited France once a year, with a couple of exceptions, with family and later friends for my favourite activity – Skiing. By about October every year I get the need to go skiing, to see the mountains again! I love everything about the French Alps, the sights, the smells, the gorgeous little villages on the way up and the ski resorts. More about skiing at a later date I think.


Yet despite having been to France quite a few times, there is so much more I would love to do. I want to go to Paris again, I love the feel of the city. I want to go to Champagne and the South of France is definitely calling. More for the list I feel!


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