Italia, Country 3… Vatican City, Country 4 (!)

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Italy was another country I visited early in my childhood and again another country I have been to a few times.

From looking through childhood photos for this blog, I found a very early pic of my mum and I in Pisa – leading me to believe Tuscany was my first visit to Italy and Italy was probably my 3rd country. Definitely don’t remember it from then, but have been back to Tuscany subsequently and what a wonderful part of the world!


Italy is another amazing country and I have loved spending time there and in 2008 my mum and I went for a long weekend to Rome. We did go in January and the weather was pretty awful! Not totally what I had expected from Italy, but it didn’t stop me from falling in love with the city. Armed with a lovely cheap umbrella bought on the side of the road, we did most of the touristy things.

The Colosseum was one of the most awe inspiring places I have been to. How can it have stood there for that long? I find old buildings and their history totally fascinating, the idea that this place I am standing has seen so much and in Rome this feeling is omnipresent!

Italia, Country 3… Vatican City, Country 4 (!)Italia, Country 3… Vatican City, Country 4 (!)Italia, Country 3… Vatican City, Country 4 (!)Italia, Country 3… Vatican City, Country 4 (!)

Rome was an amazing city, and it will be no surprise that I want to go back, again and again and again.

When in Rome (sorry) I visited Vatican City (another country checked!), the smallest internationally recognised independent state. This is one of the countries which is perhaps it is a little tenuous to count, but after some research I am told it does in fact count as a country, therefore I am counting it! I couldn’t write an entire blog post about it, and actually can’t seem to find any pictures of me there, but I went. Promise!

So where else have I touched on? Family holiday to a summer resort near Puglia, chilled holiday but didn’t get to see much of the country other than one day trip to see the troglodyte caves, which, it has to be said, were very interesting!


And the most recent discovery? The absolutely beautiful Sardinia! I was blown away by how beautiful this island was when I first went two years ago and was lucky to be able to go again the year after. I flew into Cagilari and spent both holidays in the south of the island.

 One of the best way to spend the days on this island is to hire a boat. Driving around the turquoise coastline is a great way to get to some of the otherwise unreachable beautiful beaches. Packing a picnic and swimming it ashore is a wonderful way to have lunch totally alone on your own private beach. Make sure you pack snorkels and masks to check out all the amazing sealife!

There are also some lovely little towns with the most amazing fresh, delicious pasta. On the first holiday we found the loveliest restaurant just down the road from where we were staying, filled with locals and so yum.

So Italy, a country I have ‘checked off’, but still on my to do list? Naples, Venice, Lake Garda and Sorrento to name a but few!

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