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So a bit of background and what this blog is, primarily, going to be about. I’m 26, working in events and living in London and I have a life goal!

I had always been interested in travelling, and like a lot of people had toyed with the vague idea of travelling after uni, to ‘find myself’ and see a bit of the world. However life happened, I got offered a job in my dream career path in events and these things get pushed to one side.

Then a few things happened. I was reading about an interview with a woman, and in all honesty this is the ONLY bit of the article I remember, who said she had decided she wanted to visit 30 countries before she was 30. This, I thought, was a great idea and it remained wedged in the back of my mind where I didn’t think of it again.

Then I made the expensive choice to buy my pin board map. Sounds cheap right? The idea was to put the flag pins in all the places I have visited, to see how much of the world I had visited. I was insanely OCD about making sure it was as geographically accurate as possible and then I stood back. I had always thought I was well travelled but the huge gaps and areas with no pins became screaming obvious. Something needed to be done!


I was walking with a friend, when this spark appeared in my head. I had been working for over three years, in a company I had been part of for nearly 7, and it was time to see the world. I went back to work, and asked if I could take a sabbatical. Found myself in the travel agents and before I knew it had booked myself a 9 week trip around Asia.

All things came together, and my goal was born. Wanderlust was ignited.

So this blog is going to be about the places I’ve been, the things I’ve seen and more detail on where I am going!


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