Germany. #6

Ok, this post is going to be short and sweet because, yes, technically I have been to Germany but I have very little memories or much to say about it.

When going through the old childhood photos for this blog I found this photo:

According to my mums organised photo filling this was taken in Trier when I was about 18 months old. So yeh… not much I can add to this trip.

I have been to Germany since, for a German exchange to Heilbronn. I don’t remember an awful lot from this trip either. I vaguely remember going to visit the school, remember the family only gave me sparkling water which I hated at the time – the trauma! And remember going to see Brother Bear in the cinema in German.

There were a few towns wandered around, we went to a couple of the other girls houses and I remember going for some drinks in a bar. But other than the few photos there is not much more I can write about.


So Germany, I have been, but I feel far from saying I have ‘done’ this country. I really want to go to Berlin and would also like to visit the Black Forest. Any tips on where to go?

So. As I said – short!


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