Being a Nomad for a short time

I struggled quite a bit writing this first blog post about Mongolia, because I’m not quite sure how to sum up this country or how I felt about this trip or even where to start. Let’s just say, Mongolia stole my heart! I mean, just look at it!


In the way that these things happen, 2017 is turning into a year of revisiting previous destinations. However I have been incredibly luck to visit two wonderful new countries already this year.

One of these was somewhere that has been on, and also practically inspired, my bucketlist for a long time –  Mongolia.

There is always the fear that when you have lusted after somewhere for so long, it couldn’t possibly live up to expectations. Mongolia, however, not only lived up to them but surpassed them beyond my imagination. This post is going to be quite picture heavy, so apologies in advance, but there really is no other way to describe this awesome place.

Unless you want to do some real planning, Mongolia requires a guide. There are few roads in the country and all lead to the capital. After that it’s tracks across the countryside. We left the paved road after lunch on our first day driving and didn’t see them again for many days.


Our wonderful drivers navigated us around 2500+ km with only one or two wrong turns. It was true privilege to have such fantastic drivers taking us around the country, and even though they didn’t speak any English, getting to know them over the two weeks.


Once we left the capital the true beautiful and magic of Mongolia is immediately apparent. It’s vast, it’s empty. That much I knew, but actually seeing it is something else. All across the varied landscapes, I get kept getting these pinch me moments. ‘I can’t believe I am here, I can’t believe I am seeing this.’ Mongolia held such a power over me.


We travelled across the grasslands, into the semi Gobi region, time in the Gobi before then heading into the mountains. Two weeks was never going to be enough time, but I do feel lucky to have covered as much as we did.









Just a small snapshot of the wonderful scenery I saw. I think I’ll leave it here for now, because the best experiences, wildlife and landscape all deserve much more time, love and their own post!

Stay tuned.



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