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My trip to South East Asia was booked by May 2013, and my goal seemed that little bit more attainable now I knew I was visiting a further 7 countries at the beginning of 2014.

Now I just had to add up how many I had actually already been to. A quick list was produced and it turns out I had already set foot in 17 different countries, not bad at the age of 24. Some are a little more tenuous than others and perhaps I was bending the rules a little?  But it was my goal, and surely I got to define the rules?

 The first country – the UK! This counts right? I mean, technically I had reached it, as soon as I was born? I was born and grew up in Norfolk, went to university in the Midlands and now live in London. But aside from that I have visited embarrassingly little of my very own country! There have of course been the trips to local counties; Suffolk is beautiful and Cambridge a wonderful city.


Aside from this I have been to Manchester twice, once for a gig and the other for my brothers graduation, had a family holiday in Yorkshire and visited my grandparents in Milton Keynes when I was younger. Until recently that was about it.

I went to Bristol for a weekend with friends for the weekend back in August, finally made a trip to the New Forest, went for a night to Windsor, had a long weekend in Brighton and organised a hen do in Edinburgh in November. Until then I had never been to Scotland before and I still haven’t visited Wales or Northern Ireland!




I want to create a UK bucket list, we have an amazing country here and I want to see more! I would love to go to Cornwall, the Cotswolds, visit Highclere castle and the Peak District.

I’m Definitely something to think about when budgets for more exotic locations are tight. Any suggestions on where to go are more than welcome!

It is kinda difficult to sum up an entire lifetime in one country, but think of this as an overview of how I see the UK, more specific posts on important locations to come!


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