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This is where it gets exciting, well kinda. America! USA! The United States of America!


I was 9 when we went on a family trip to the oh-so-necessary Disney World. This was my first trip outside of Europe and first long haul flight.

Subsequently there have been further trips to various parts of America, and I am going to do these more justice in later blogs, as this country and my trips simply cannot be summed up in one post.

But Florida and Disney World and then a trip to Massachusetts (wow, that is nearly impossible to spell!) featured in my childhood. We went to Florida at Easter in 1999 and I remember my mum really struggling to find Easter Eggs for the annual hunt. Why America?

Random memories aside, Disney World was everything I wanted it to be as a kid.  I was proud of my self for going on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, a real proper Roller-coaster! I was not, however, brave enough to go on Space Mountain.We spent days wandering around collecting signatures from all of the beloved characters and went through its a small world. Perfect childhood moments all attired in the obligatory Disney paraphernalia.

We did have some other excursions, the entire time wasn’t spent exclusively at Disney World! My parents were keen not to spend every day at the resort. Although I should mention how much I loved the Blizzard Beach water park. Being the stubborn child I was, and still am I, I maintained this was my favourite day and was most likely horrific when I was made to leave after only half a day.

We also went to many American Malls, and I was bought nearly the entire Oshkosh b’gosh store. I had a traumatic time decided which Beanie Baby to buy and to this day am not sure why I bought the rabbit when there were so much rarer choices available! Days were spent at the beach, various other theme parks, boat trips and what I recall to be a very boring day at the Space Kennedy centre. I am sure this is for many people, but it wasn’t for me then and I can’t really give much further thought to the day. I do remember seeing a rocket being launched from there from the airport on our way home.

And cue pic of me and the bro with an American life guard tower. 

When I was 13 we turned to the USA for a holiday to Boston. I genuinely can’t remember that much, one of the stronger memories is spending ages trying to find a baseball shirt for the brother, but I did see my first whale! Unfortunately my photography skills weren’t the best back then but hey – here’s a pic of the Boston Skyline.

We also drove in New Hampshire and saw the Old Man on the Mountain. An amazing feat of nature, that saw the side of a cliff resemble the face of a man. It was pretty awesome to see, and I feel really lucky to have been able to as it has now sadly collapsed.It was surrounded by gorgeous countryside, and we did enjoy the hike to see it.

While in New Hampshire we visited Old Sturbridge Village, which as a kid was absolutely fascinating. It’s what is known as a ‘Living Museum’ and is a recreation of a typical New England village from the 1700’s. I have always been interested in history, and the past, and this was such a great way to experience it. Highly recommend!
New England was beautiful, we were staying a lovely little village just outside of Boston and near the beach. It was a great part of the world and I would love to go back in Autumn and see the trees!

So a very brief snapshot of my first two trips to the United States, more blogs to come on New York and California. This is an amazing country, I love the diversity, the culture and the people and I can’t wait to explore more!

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