What to see in County Galway

Autumn is my favourite season and something I get ridiculously excited about, so I wanted to write about a lovely autumnal trip I took in 2015.

My friend and I had taken a holiday together every year for the previous 4 years and wanted to continue the traditional. As ever, I wanted to try and go to a country I hadn’t visited before, because of the quest to reach 30 (or 40) before 30! So, we decided on Ireland. Almost criminal I hadn’t been when it was so close, but there you go!

Having looked at various options, we decided to stay in Galway. Flew in Shannon and hired a car. We decided to almost immediately leave the main roads, and drive through the tiny back lanes. Exactly what I hoped and dreamed Ireland would look like. Totally by chance we came across the Cliffs of Moher. Having now done a bit more research into Ireland, I understand these are a big deal. At the time, and I am a little ashamed to say this, I hadn’t heard of them. This really shows the amount of research we had put into this trip. The thing is, Ireland didn’t and doesn’t feel like one of those countries that need too much of a plan. When I go back again, I am not sure I would even book a hotel, I would probably just find a B&B at one of the gorgeous, picturesque villages dotted around.  Hiring a car, driving around randomly and getting a little lost means you find the best places.

Anyway – I digress. The Cliffs of Moher. An absolute must see for any trip to Ireland. We were so luckily that it was one of those perfect autumn days, crisp, sunny and bright blue sky’s. Honestly, I fell in love with Ireland right then and there. Walking along the edge of these beautiful cliffs and staring out to see towards the Aran Islands (another must see!) you could spend hours there.

Having spent our fill in the lovely fresh, clean air we set off in search of some food. Again stumbling across the most delightful little café, the Stonecutters Kitchen, just down the road from the cliffs.  Lovely sandwiches and the  most delicious tiffin cake – ever.

After re-fuelling we headed back in our car in the general direction of Galway and stumbled across Doolin Cave We actually didn’t go into the cave itself, but had a wonderful time wandering around the pretty garden, meeting the local resident animals and seeing where they found the fairies. Well worth a trip, plus a lovely gift shop!

The next day we decided to wander around Galway. A very cute little town which contained the absolutely must must must visit Cupan Tae. Tiffin in Ireland is such a thing, and I whole heartedly enjoyed it.  This café was so adorable, and had the best selection of teas.

Because the town wasn’t the largest, we got into our car for more driving around with no purpose. Honestly this was one of my favourite things to do in Ireland.

We came across traffic issues:

Found more ruins, which excite me greatly:

And then drove down a tiny road, that got smaller and smaller and felt like it really wasn’t going to anywhere. Until we got to the magnificent Lough Corrib for sunset. It was quite funny how long it took us to find such a large Lough, but that is another story.

More to tell on Ireland, but to start with – Happy Autumn!


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